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Peppa Pig’s Surprise 2k17!!

Yah yah yippie yippie yah….yah yah yippie yippie yah…we went riding to the seaside with peppa pig and her family. This interactive live show was everything and more to end out the week!

Early Sunday evening, as me and my children run across the street to the main entrance of the Byham Theater in Downtown Pittsburgh, my youngest excites herself to watch Peppa Pig Live.  We head over to pick up our reserved tickets and head to our seats, side note: this is the first time my child has had enough coordination for a whole day all about this pig, lol. Peppa Pig theme music starts up, the kids go crazy *covers ears*.

This show was so much fun. Children’s plays aren’t like they use to be, though. It’s very interactive to keep the attention of the children but as a parent I’m distracted by the fact that the people playing and controlling the characters are dressed in all black, moving the props to make the show come alive. My child doesn’t even see them…it’s like talking to a beautiful person who has a huge mole center of their forehead. The conversation doesn’t stop but the sight is very distracting *smacks forehead* “It’s just people holding the props,” *sucks teeth* ughhhhhh Destinee don’t be hating on your sisters imagination!! Guess I wasn’t the only one who noticed, lol.

Overall a must see to enjoy with the family. The under the water scene was my favorite. Especially the jellyfish, the scene was blacked out and the creatures under the sea were all glowing in a neon light. Hmmmm that gives me a great party idea, that prop has Pinterest written all over it.

*Psst*Almost forgot to mention, those two little girls in the picture are my legacy, Destinee and Journee, my old head and young buck shorty, lol.


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Success Panel 2k17!!!


First off let me tell you how awesome my smell senses were today. Not only when I got in the elevator did I smell, Versace Eros cologne, lingering off the shoulders of this fine chocolate man, but when it was time to go sit down to start the panel, man soon as I walked in I smelled spicy seasonings, little bit of chipotle, and i guessed tacos. All I heard in background echo was, “You are on it!!” Yessssssss….it was a good nose day. *ahemm* But anyways…..

Early Thursday afternoon I walked through downtown Pittsburgh on Penn Avenue. I headed towards Urban Pathways Charter school ready to talk as a mentor for the Success Panel. A panel put together by two time published author, Kylie Stores MSN, BSN, RN. Let me tell you about this black girl magic right here, not only is she a mastered traveling nurse, she is an inspirational blogger, and now her Success Panel is taking off.

As all the mentors told their story, I was a little hesitant on what I would say, how far back I would start my journey, and even how much I would share. But then the mic was handed to me and my honesty on the struggle and reward of the progress just flowed. I was able to speak of my journey and not feel like it held a burden or regret, everything was just a reflection of growth. I’m proud of myself. The children were proud of me. And guess what??  before I left I shared contact information with six girls.  I felt accomplished. It’s important for the children too see people from their same background make it. So many times people don’t realize they are blessed until they come around someone else who going through a more trying time than they are. But by the time they realize the blessing the next struggle process has already started. It felt good reminding the children that they aren’t alone.

I’m proud of Kylie and all the strides she’s made so far with her life. And I look forward to her continued success. To order the book ‘God Set Me Up’ and ‘Her.Story His.Story’ you can go to God Set Me Up. Wonder who else has been shaking things in the city? Smooches.

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