25 to Life

The first 25 years of my life flew by. Literally, where did the time go, shoot even being in the present I miss moments. I’ve been in search for a new outlet of self. I waited for love because I believed that age tied into me being ready to love someone or even just to receive love, but I was wrong. I thought that because of age I was suppose to already have certain things accomplished in life but I was so off about that. My epiphany’s for life didn’t even become repetitive in thought until after  I stopped believing that being single, a parent, whose never wed doesn’t make you an old maid. Just makes you seasoned, lol. I decided to feel okay that I have love marks (stretch marks). I started feeling okay to keep loving others even when others choose not to. I finally believe its okay to love myself and I love me even more for doing that. Now I am 28 years old, two daughters, and in pursuit of my bachelors degree in fashion marketing. You’re keeping up with a future merchandise buyer!!

I started this blog to show the world what I love. I never get to share my love without an obligation attached to it but this blog will be a chance for me to be expressive from an emotional stance. Facebook is def mental but not from a bias angle, my Instgram shows my different avenues of style I get to play with, Twitter is my rant page that cant be express in 140 characters or less..lol. But now I have a blog where I can share my food choices, great reads, fashionable events, and travels, I hope you all enjoy!!!


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