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Fashionable Travels 2017!!

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#MadeInAfrica2017FashionShow #NewYorkFashionWeek2017

Hello!! Hello!! Hello!! So excited to finally get a chance to blog my first post. It took me a while just to find the right platform and actually continuous reason behind my blogging endeavors. This year has been grand with so many travels that I never really get to share my experiences with anyone, I mean I can write it down in my journal but why not just share with the world. With my graduation months away for me to receive my bachelors degree, I decided to spend the remainder of school on fashionable travels.  I made it to Richmond, VA, Fort Lauderdale /Miami, FL, Washington DC, Philadelphia, PA…..the list goes on and on and hasn’t reached its peak just yet.

The travel that was my favorite and most recent so far is…dun dun dunnnnn…..New York Fall Fashion Week 2017. I witnessed my first underground fashion show called Made in Africa. With designers Madiare K, MRO PALACE, Kennsha Nycole, and Melissa Lockwood Runway Shows, just to name a few. All designs were beautifully colored, draped, hemmed, and embedded within their culture and, *psst* get this all items were ready-to-wear. *squeals*

Defiantly a needed vacation and escape from everyday life, school, work, and motherhood. A chance to show everyone a my street vibes that would work for any wearer, especially for a plain Jane like myself. Also, I got to indulge in some spectacular shrimp scampi marinated in lemon sauce, mhmm mhmm mhmmm good, from Bubba Gump Shrimp, the meal and experience is more so enjoyable if you know the movie Forrest Gump, by the way. Made it to Dallas Barbecue, finger licking good, however the beef ribs were more so fatty than meaty but I’m a chicken eater anyhow, *shrugs shoulders*.

Got to do minimal shopping. Made it to Steve Madden, which by the way, sells Surpega branded shoes, totally off guard with that business move. I was able to buy myself some velvet maroon booties, which is a must right now for this fall season. Though I was a day late to the start of New York Fashion week i made it in time for the Fenty Beauty release, and let me tell y’all the “trophy Wife” highlight and the gloss is everything and then some. Trust me when I say, I’m no beauty expert but the smoothness of Rihanna’s lip gloss and the subtle yet sexy reflective effect from the highlight makes you feel like the next beauty ambassador, lol.  Any who, there is still more places for me to visit before the year is done, hmmmm I’m thinking LA.

Oh and the background artwork that was beautifully displayed behind me is by the  talented Javon Conaway. Follow him on Instagram @artbyjcon.

Follow me on Instagram: @oxosmoochesxox

Outfit Deets:

Green Flannel – Forever 21

Velvet Wrap Shirt – American Apparel

Distressed Jeans – Levis (design by TASTE clothing)

Red Patent Boot – Forever 21

Gold Choker Necklace – Forever 21

Gold Watch – Micheal Kors

Gold Link Belt – H&M

#FentyBeauty #FashionConsultant #MadeInAfricaFashionShow2017 #PGH #Studio24



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