Fabolous Thanksgiving Weekend!!

“Told her to bust it bust it bust it bust it bust it bust it like a AK…told her bust it bust it flipmode..told her bust it bust it flipmode…shooter shooter lock it down, fade away….

What a weekend, what a weekend and to finish it off the f-a-b-o-l-o-u-s family was here to have a good night in Pittsburgh, down the Strip district at club Xtzana!! Fab was Freddy Krueger with the glove, Michael Jackson with the glove….ayyyyyeeee flipmode!! The party promoters of the city been showing off this week giving us so much New York love. First we had Dave East at Room16, Wednesday night, then it was Reggie Howze two year anniversary party down v-lounge Black Friday night, and then fabolous closed us out strong.

Mannnnn and let me say this the city showed out once again. From the sequined dresses, crush velvet looks, denim, faux furs, Fox fur, ostrich furs, shoot even raccoon fur the city didn’t come to play. Which, by the way is appreciate because as much as people complain “Pittsburgh night life is dead” but will go OT to fuck it up, those be the same people coming in from OT doing the same thing we complain about what no one will just do themselves, so I appreciate the effort. What I must say is local designers Reggie Howze and Paige Corrin helped add that extra bit of fleekage (yes it’s a new word accept it) lol, to the night. Their designs were seen on party host and promoters Eric Fisher, DjSoloDolo, and Rydah, shoot even Fab himself went home with looks from these designers.


Fab definitely performed a couple throwbacks…some mixtape hits and he rapped two of his most recent release from F.O.E.S just to give the crowd a xtra shake. There were local acts as well but I freaking can’t remember the first performer but I do know my boy Paul (@lua_proc) performed his national hit “Personal Freak” and I was beyond excited for that moment. Definitely a great night!! If you missed out on any of the Thanksgiving festivities ummmmm there’s always next year! *shrugs shoulders* Smooches!!!

Friday On Elm Steet (F.O.E.S) available NOW!!


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