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Case Filmz!!!

“Baby we don’t need no script (script) for this, Ima throw a couple thousand baby strip (strip) for this, Let me pull my camera out and make a movie, yeahhhhhh…”

Casey Casey Casey…thee sweetest man you’ll ever meet. He just makes my heart melt *sighs*. I met Casey almost 7/8 years ago and at that time we both were attending trade school, him going for HVAC and me for my CNA, now flash forward he is now a videographer for upcoming artist and main stream music artist in the industry.

Just coming back fresh from off of your with Hardo, Stevie B, and Tee Grizz i was able to get some of his time. And the way his life is set up I’m very appreciative i have a moment to sit down and talk business endeavors and just our overall growth as individuals. Beyond proud of this man and all the work he has done with more to come. From him releasing his productions to BET, to him going on tour, and just his success overall. He’s created a definite lane for himself.

If your in need of production work to be done do not hesitate to reach Casey, you can follow him on facebook @CaseyWinston. By the way my floral shirt is everything, I usually just stick to solids but I knew I would be seeing Casey so I had to spruce it up a bit, lol. Smooches!!

Booking Email: casey14winston@gmail.com

YouTube: CaseFilmz Productions (make sure you subscribe)

Click the link below to hear this dope conversation!!

Follow me on Instagram @oxosmoochesxox

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