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Adding to Your Market!!

“I’m expressing with my full capabilities, cause some don’t agree with how i do this. -Dr. Dre 1988”

*rolls eyes* So I freaking have a low eyelid…not lazy but low and me not having my mascara shows it all to well..smh, but it’s cool cause my smile still dope though lol. My Forest Whittaker litty, cthu!!

Any who, my selfie game was in full effect this afternoon when I linked with Joy Elyse to speak on the nature of her business. So just so you can understand how dope it is to network, earlier this year me and my best friend we’re working on logos for our business; hers fitness and mines fashion consultant. So she told me of her family helping her so I reached out to her as well. Flash forward to now, my blog is formed using part of the logo that was created by no other than Joy!! Swear when I tell you, your net worth is only as big as your network, believe it!

Joy is a university graduate who has been put into the work field while in pursuit of still working with and towards her happiness. She’s always been very expressive with arts while young in high school and now she allows her work to show you just how awesome she really is!! In need of any logos or marketing for business don’t hesitate to reach out to her, she’ll get you right!! Smooches!!

Click below to hear a little more of this black girl magic!!

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