Skincare: Lavish Skin by B!!!

This past year 2018 has been faster than expected, for most. I’ve been having a solitary moment of wanting and learning how to better care for myself. A lot of times I feel myself doing all the skincare routine my mommy would do negating that our bodies are different though they function the same. However, with the indirect help of the beautiful Shawneca Reed, owner of ShadedByTheQueen, I was able to get the help I’ve been looking for because of, da dada daaaaa, The Black Business Market!!

If you didn’t make it to the first event during Black Friday, there was a follow up event for the continuous holiday season. At the Holiday Black Owned Business Market, however, I was given a chance to be exposed to the talents, services, and products of black entrepreneurs in the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.

Granted I got to see new designers such as MAKs Beauty Boutique, I was able to get a few fanny packs for my oldest. Her denim selection was dope as well! Some familiar businesses were there, such as Aliya Wrays and Laced Beauty Bar were there doing a few raffles and hair sales. Along with Mimi Sha’Ar Elite Virgin Hair and her hair specials.

Now I say all that to say this, I came across a jewel and not just any jewel a diamond. Freaking Lavish Skin by B got my body feeling like heaven you hear me. I have to get back in touch for body wash products but her hand made moisturizing body milk with the aloe vera base, the coco baby butter scent, smh man oh man!! Let me tell you something, HEAVEN!! I smelt good, you hear me! Then I was being greedy and used the vanilla bean lotion bar *slowly faints* mannnn my skin ain’t know what to do, had me thinking about rushing to get home just to take another shower rub myself down and relax!

(Photo Credit: Lavish Skin by B LLC)

You know what I’ve went on more than needed! She’s definitely a must for your daily routine. Check out Lavish Skin by B for all your exotic beauty, cosmetic, and personal care! Hmmm maybe there’ll be a black business beauty expo?? Just a idea, stay connected!! Smooches!!

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    Everyone check out this amazing blog from @D’AdoreStudios24 wrote! Seeing stuff like this makes my day! I invested soooooo much time and money into my business sometimes I would sit and wonder if this was all worth it but I kept pushing because this is my passion! All the blood sweat and the tears are starting to pay off.

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