All HOPE is Still Alive!

THATS MY BEST FRIEND!! THATS MY BEST FRIEND!! (Shouts) I just can’t say it enough. Let me reintroduce my best friend she go by Hope…H to da O-P-E, lol, Hope Fletcher. Personal trainer, owner of Fletch Fitness, and my personal favorite MY BEST Friend!

In earlier blogs, I wrote about her first start with getting into claiming and ownership of her business, Fletch Fitness. A personal trainers workout for the mind, body, and soul betterment and fulfillment.

As she workouts to show what the body can do, she has now entered a realm that allows for her to take on a new spotlight, that being modeling. Patience Whitfield, owner of PLEE Projects, has not only captured her beauty, she has held it in timeless space. Alongside with the media support of C4 Digital, they were able to show how chocolate melts in your mouth and not your hand,lol!

As talents rise, collaborations and networking continues as we bridge the gap together between the local entrepreneurs in the city of Pittsburgh. Also, if you haven’t already follow the bestie Hope Fletcher on Instagram @b.m.sfitness along with @pleeprojects & @c4digitalmedia !!

Oh Pittsburgh be working, working!! Smooches!!

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