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Heart On A Sleeve!! 

(Interview with Owner H.O.S Reggie Howze)

Uber everywhere pre-rolls in my VIP…skrrt skrrt….as I watch Reggie Howze, CEO H.O.S., hop out of his uber, I wait on him to enter the Market District cafe, located in shadyside. Of course he’s branded in his brand, all black windbreaker with letter “H” and cracked hearts all over, walking towards me with his Colgate smile. Greeted with a hug he goes on to tell me about his morning because why wouldn’t I want to hear how awesome his life is, uhhhh he’s actually living it *shrugs shoulders*. Plus I was looking extra relaxed today because I was headed to class so any conversation that isn’t school related is fine by me.

Exhausted from all his hard work he’s been putting in, he still made time for me. Awesomeness!! We jumped right into Q & A because of course I’m a college student who always runs late, *psst* but my grade speaks for itself though, lol.


What made you want to take the initiative to start your own business brand? 
I didn’t have a job. was looking but no one would hire me and I don’t even have a record or smoke. I was on my way to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night drew the design down during the weekend and made my first prototype of the shirt and it just took off form there.

What does the brand HOS represent?

It’s you being passionate about whatever you like to do. The heart represents the love the crack represents the struggle. It’s not easy but that’s how I came up with the meaning and design, didn’t want to just be heart broken but at that time I was vulnerable not being able to find a job, it can be heartbreaking but I wanted it to relate to all levels.

Why the name HOS? 
Heart on a sleeve…it speaks for itself everyone says Ona sleeve but its Heart On a Sleeve.

How do you plan to expand on business?
You can see that I take my design and I’ll add different flavors and stuff characters and sport teams and reach different demographics but when you can tap into different things it puts it out there a little more than the average stuff…that’s how I’ve been able to be consistent and be able to sale stuff on a consistent basis like kids parties or someone comes in town, our sport team always generate all year round. Penguins always do good they won back to back championships.

How can your apparel be purchased?

I have a website, pop up shops, Instagram, PayPal, cash app, or you can bring cash for something I already have. All items are hand crafted so I don’t start unless I get paid first.

What’s next for HOS?
Storefront..I just want to do more production. I would like to do a tour of local designers together. If I have a store I’ll really do well cause people buy off impulse and with a store I can meet the demand. More people want to buy black too and support so I’m working to create a convenience.

Now just for fun…with your heart on your sleeve what does your love life look like? Single? I’m single, don’t nobody like me…lol you know why cause I’m out everyday and when the weekend rolls around the girls all wanna be in ya snap take pictures stuff like that so when that happens it makes others assume cause the girls in ya snap become your shorty or something. But I’m single but I work too much for anybody.

O.J. like, “I’m not black, I’m O.J.”


(most recent design)

There you have it royals, in his own words. Dope man..dope designer…to see all the latest updates check him out on Instagram @oreginalpix and follow him on Facebook @Regge Howze. Smooches.

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Outfit Deets:
High-waisted Flare Jeans- H&M

Black Knotted Short Sleeve- H.O.S

Wool Cardigan- Talbot


Gold choker- Forever21

Bejeweled Belt- Nordstrom

Maroon Booties- Steve Madden

Fenty Beauty
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