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Nightmare on E. Carson Street: Halloween Bash!! 

Bubby 1/2 SCR


You know I got the sauce…you know I’m saucy && it’s always wet a bishhh never had to use lip gloss, Fenty gloss at that. And if you ain’t know last night I had the Midas touch. I pulled up to the South Side last night around 11pm to get ready to head into Devils and Dolls for the first Halloween bash for the weekend. I sat in the car listening to Rihanna, while I polish my toes and fingernails in all this glittery gold; I literally wasn’t playing bout having a golden touch lol.

I finally walked over to head inside the location, thank goodness Jeremy was securing the door cause he secured my entrance *shrugs shoulders* I walk in hearing them play Asco 100k, walked to the bar and seen the beautiful Aliya Wray, host, dressed like a beautiful Egyptian Goddess, I made sure to give her some love. Then I started to look around and realize that Devils and Dolls had a remodel *smacks forehead * I literally had to do a double back because I thought I was at the wrong place, meanwhile my goofy self just haven’t been out in a long time, lol.

Aliya Wray, Host

I head over to the next room to jam with the deejay, Mike Brazil (DJ GirlQuitPlayin’), who I think was dressed like a philsbury dough boy or Michelin man, idk but trust me he was taking up space, lol. I waited on the first performance of the night and by surprise is was my friend bubby from the group SCR. He performed his first dolo solo single.

Next up was Stunna2Fly, and trust when I say the crowd went crazy, they were going crazy, singing along to songs I never heard of but now it’s stuck in my head, ughhh, the titles were “Blow Bands” and “Freak Bi**h” #Classics. Then big worm, I mean Eric Fisher showed up to help Aliya with hosting. Rydah was doing her thing walking thru the crowd vibing with everyone. Just an over all great way to start the Halloween escapades.

The costume ideas for the evening were so much fun and unique, there was this one girl who was covered in money but the skirt worn with it was a burlap bag, Chuckie and his bride but my favorite one for the evening were  the group of girls who were dressed up like the Rugrats; Susie was the cutest. And though I didn’t get a chance throw a Halloween outfit together so I kept telling everyone who took a picture with me that they’ve won themselves a trophy for tonight, lol, literally I had the Midas touch. Smooches!!

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Outfit Deets:

Liquid Gold Bodusuit- Forever21

Acid Washed Cropped Denim- IDK it was in my mommy’s closet *shrugs*


T-strap Glitter Gold Heels- Aldo

Gold Watch- Michael Kors

Black Leather Gold Studded Clutch- H&M

Gold Choker- Forever21

Fenty Beauty


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