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It Was All A Dream!! 

Rafiyq Cromwell, CEO, Dreamers Worldwide Sports Representation

Rafiyq Cromwell Interview

Black man magic never looked as good as suave Rafiyq Cromwell. Meeting me in the food court of Ross Park Mall, I sat down thumbing through my phone just to look up and see the most perfect smile ever, side note: everyone always greets me with a smile, it gotta be my awesome aura or something *shrugs shoulders*.

“I knew that was you soon as I seen your hair”, says Rafiyq.  Yup time for  a new look, lol.

We got a chance to talk retail and personal before getting into the interview and we both agree these everyday customers believe that they are always right, so technically even when they are wrong they are right, lol. As flashy, but on the calm,  his Maison Margiela shoes and Saturday’s NYC shirt was, his background speaks in even larger volumes.  This young man has thrived on receiving he’s bachelors of science degree from Slippery Rock University in sport management, then started his own clothing line called PK6EMP, that now has evolved into a sports marketing and management company that does contract negotiation, marketing and managing, financial advising, and education continuation. You just never know what to expect from this great man except for greatness.

We started with Q’s & A’s right after catching up because, Forever21 so great they granted me with an whole half hour break *raise the roof 2x* so I’m using it to my advantage and decided to share with you all.

“Yoooooooooo what’s up with you…”

When first going into business for yourself what avenues did you take to brand yourself? Ooohhhhh, so first things first I went on like an unorthodox way I went about it. Cause social media was up but I kinda used CCAC cafeteria, because everybody woul always be in there. Me and my boy made T-shirt’s, bought the brand, and we literally were standing on the table saying, “We got T-shirts for sell!” Then I pushed it on twitter and the first big thing I made was a commercial and put it on YouTube. So that’s how I started and got down.

What made you start with clothing? 
Honestly it was it was a quick way for marketing and I legally couldn’t do representation because I was playing ball at the time so I couldn’t. But clothing was a quick and cheap way to get money for my future business plans.

What exactly does Dreamers Worldwide Sports Representation do? 
Ummmm, so what we do, we make sure that our athletes essentially get set up thru the process of sports during and after sports. We have an education continuation program that we are working to secure thru Kent state so players can receive their degree while still playing sports as well.

You have evolved so much from where you started, has this always been your path? 
Ummm, I wouldn’t say this was always the path I’ve envision but that’s where we fall short as human, they say you wanna make God laugh tell him your path, lol. So I can’t say that this hasn’t been in mind but this is where I’m headed.

With you being 26yrs young, do you see your brand evolving anymore past the evolution it has already made?
Oh for sure you know especially with this draft class coming out I feel like these business moves are really taking things to the next level as a sports representation

Do you plan on touching back into fashion as a separated entity of business for yourself? 
I do want to because even though fashion wasn’t the original plan I got good at it and before since people knew I own the company they would want discounts. So I want to wait and become more solidified so that you don’t see my face attached to it but you know it’s my business.

As fine and successful as you are, are you a taken mister or a free man?
Hahahaaaaaa I’m definitely taken and I want to keep being an upstanding man that I told myself i would grow into. 

That’s the scoop, coming from mister boss man himself. If you want to reach him his contact info is && Twitter and Instagram @DreamersWrldwde.

As always follow me on instagram @oxosmoochesxox!

Outfit Deets:

Plaid  Trousers- Forever 21

White Tunic- Forever 21


Gold Wrap Headband- H&M

Gold Link Choker- Forever 21

Black Corset Belt- Fashion Nova

Gold Watch- Michael Kors

Ballet Flats- Tory Burch

Fenty Beauty


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