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The Earth Without “Art” is Just “Eh”!!! 

C. B. Perry, Artist

C. B. Perry Artist Interview 

“I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my s**t” -Erykah Badu 

On this rainy day my thoughts were, on crap I got work, dang I got school tonight, *reads text* oh I am suppose to link with Cue. My day is starting to look up, lol. As I walk into Lefty’s on Penn Avenue in the Strip District, I have the urge to have a drink just so I can relax before midterms..then I remembered this is why I opted not to drink any more now smh. I look around and spot Cue sitting in the back left corner, thumbing through his phone.  

I greet him with a smile and he looks up with sleepy eyes. The price of success, lack of sleep, but the process leads to great progress, just need to be  continuous with the work behind it. And by the looks of it he knows all about it, so rather him and I waste time I jump right into Q & A. 

Wait, hold up before I forget…peep my shirt, I’m wearing my boy Ron Bush clothing @foreignislandx. Make sure to check him out!! Now back to the questions…

Q & A

At which point in your life did you realize you would pour your heart into your art?

Ummm that’s a good one. Once i noticed that people liked it and that it could a career. And I’m like this is real shit I gotta put some work into this.

What’s the artistic community like in Pittsburgh? 

Slow. Real slow..growing but slow. 

What are your artistic inspirations behind your art? 
Ummm my personality my randomness and being spontaneous. Having fun being random. 

What are the different style collections you offer? 

Anything. I’m able to do anything. Time willing. Only time I’m not able to do something is if I don’t have the time but ain’t shit free I’m willing to do whatever if someone pays me.

What was your first thought after your first sell as an artist?

Oh shit this is working someone gave me money for something I made and I didn’t even have a price. I thought I was a joke. 

What are some upcoming events that is as consumers can attend to support? 

Everything is top secret lol I find out tomorrow if I can showcase at the county center. I have local body painting events coming up. I also, have an event coming up in February as well. 

Is the great cue man in love or still finding himself? 

I’m extremely single I’m not finding myself I already knew who I was I have that firm grip. But I mean of course I’ve mature I kinda hate when ppl say that cause what do you have to find. I’m single not dating or talking but I’m in a serious relationship with art. 

Okay okay I’ll let him go because art doesn’t sleep but this midterm is calling. Definitely an artist to look out for you never know what to expect, just know that you’ll be seeing more of the Cue man!! Following him on Instagram @cbperry_ to see more of his work and next event! Black man magic at its truest! Smooches!! 

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