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All Hail the Queen!! 

Lashawn Reed, CEO, S.A.W. LLC

“I got ’em by a landslide, we talkin’ about races…You know this’ll never be a tie, just look at they laces…You know careers take off, just gotta be patient…”

I was too excited to sleep, knowing today, after work I would get a moment to sit down with Lashawn. I’m always so nervous around Lashawn, she has a beautiful spirit and soul…literally dope!! She invited me into her home, and omg her home was so comfy, it was a real live adult home. Adulting can be hard but she definitely created a peaceful space for herself.

We both were color coordinating and whatnot, though I sweated myself to death from me being so dang nervous, lol. Great minds think alike is what I heard *shrugs shoulders*. I’m wearing my throwback @fareshbrand from their first freshly picked collection. Before I could start my questioning, we caught up, and spoke of business endeavors. She also gave me jewels of business which is always a blessing. Now let’s get to business.

Q & A

What was your turning point when you knew you wanted to do what made you happy? 
For business, ummm I guess like seeing the reaction on the kids faces going inside the school, seeing the same kids waiting on me every morning gave a need and it was something I enjoyed doing because at the time in that business I was getting paid to be myself and once I was able to put a number on my worth and I was granted that amount it gave more assurance. And music is my happy place it makes me happy it gives me a rush, a thrill.

What were the first routes you took when going into business for yourself? 
Well I was more hands on in person networking, it was one of my stronger points, and I was real big on social media. I threw events, like the woman’s business empowerment luncheon and giving back to the kids and community is how I stayed a float so many years.

What exactly is Strong Ambitious Women, LLC?
It’s a self esteem development business focused around African American women to help boost confidence and master their strengths.

In business what opportunities have you created for yourself? 
I became an author…just starting a business behind self esteem I was able to produce two self created books and created curriculums that are used in the school systems I frequent and I started clothing lines.

How much has your business evolved from where you started? 
Well I started out volunteering to now my business brings in over $60k, yearly. I started with no contacts to several contracts. Some of the schools I’ve built a relationship with, because of my proven self esteem curriculum is Grandview, king after school programs, the Grayson center,  Youth Places, and Strox school district.

What’s next for SAW, LLC? More independent projects or any collaborations?
Well right now I have my new kids apparel dropping called “I am somebody” and I’m working on a children book right now called “I am me”. Also, February 16th is Shawn reed day I’m looking to do a charity event to giveback to single mothers and fatherless children.

Do you have a Knight and shining armor or are you the queen of your own queendom? 

I do have a man, had one for a while he’s a private person and I’m a private person and that’s good, that’s why we’ve been riding for so long. He lets me do all the brain work, he believes in me and I’m proud of him as he is me.

Well that’s all I have from Lashawn, her queendom is beautiful, her empire is great..expect more from this queen! Black woman magic at its purest! Oooohhh and she had some goodies for me *squeals* lol.  Make sure to follow her  @queen_sboo for more updates on her and the business she provides. Smooches!!


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