One Pound At A Time!! 

Hope Fletcher, CEO, Fletch Fitness

That’s my best friend, that’s my best friend!! Girl you betta’, you betta’…….

Knowing damn well I get tired from walking stairs I decided to workout with my bestie before class tonight…don’t ask me why…but I needed to squeeze my interview in some way *shrugs*. We linked at Starbucks in Market Square for us to do the Q& A, then head over to work on these gains. Of course she’s already ready to burn some calories and I’m just getting my clothes *thinking*  this is really going to happen. I walk in take a deep breath and started my little squats, because why not get thicker than a snicker, lol. 

Peep my Sboo sports bra I’m wearing, in black and gold. I all got my love marks out, lol. I told myself though,  from now everyone will get a chance to see black business apparel worn within my blog post. Links for purchases will be at the bottom of the post. 

Q & A 

When did you start your journey with becoming a personal trainer? 
Ummmm i started my journey almost 6yrs ago, when i just had turned 21.

What are some of the different avenues you took to push forward with your business…social media ,word of mouth what was your strategy? 
Ummm different strategies i used was social media because i already knew a lot of people, with social media its the thing to use to connect to people and businesses. And the way i pushed it was using myself as a brand, my goals and before and after pictures because of myself, people knew my body was changing and seen the work,  proven my methods.  

Since starting your journey how many times have you had to start over to go down a new path for business?? Has this always been your journey? 
Starting my journey i would have to say, all the time, even now i start over. I think it’s always a thing and working in a field of business things are always changing and there’s so much competition you have to switch it up to make your brand unique. As far as fitness it’s never changed but the reason i started fitness is the reason i do it today, the strategy has changed on how i get and keep customers cause I’m still learning, it’s still a process.  

What has been the most trying time for you with bridging your business? 
The most trying time is the year of 2016 and now, lol. I’ve been in fitness since 21 but being in business for myself is still trying because I’m still working on how to catch the eye and maintain myself, keep a business and learn how to get and keep people so we can continue to reach to get to their fitness goals. 

Besides one on one training and boot camps, what else does your business have to offer? 
Outside of fitness what i offer to my clients is a change of mind set. Mental breakthrough, knowing that no matter how hard something is you can push thru it and accomplish anything. Once you accomplish a fitness goal or even in the mist of accomplishing it it changes your mindset. To then say okay I can do this what else can I maintain because everything is mental in life. I give that motivation and inspiration factor so that they know it doesn’t just stop here it’s more. 

Knowing that each client will have different needs when working out, what tactics do you use to motivate them to want to work out and to keep working out? 
Ummm what tactics do I use..pretty much to keep people, I’m not easy on people, I tell people how it is, you come to me you want help then we’re going to do everything to accomplish your goal. No matter how tired you are how crazy life is. The key is consistency and you’ll see results. In the mist of me being a hard personal trainer I’m still able to give and show them I care and I’m there and we’re be able to reach that goal together. I gain their trust. It becomes a real relationship that needs maintained and watered for growth. 

What’s next for Fletch Fitness? 
What’s next will be, ummm, that’s a good question actually, lol. Right now for fletch fitness it has a brand, it’s still building, but fletch fitness wants to be known everywhere and not just in Pittsburgh. I want a gym, not one gym but multiple gyms, an environment to our urban communities. Not just for fitness but health wise, we lack in our black communities, without our health we can’t live long.

My bestie is dope! Doing her thing and pushing forward with every planned mission. And we got to enjoy some lobster mac n’ cheese from The Capital Grille. Much day success!! To get in contact with Hope Fletcher for any one on one personal training or her next boot camp check her out on Instagram @_fletchfitness_. Smooches!!

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