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Foreign Islandx Clothing!! 

EVAA Photography

” If I hit it one time, I’ma pipe her…If I hit it two times, then I like her…If I f**k three times, I’ma wife her…It ain’t safe for the black or the white girls…It ain’t safe, it ain’t safe
It ain’t safe, it ain’t safe….”

So in my previous interview post made with artist Cue Perry, I was wearing a light blue t-shirt with a double image of the Pittsburgh city view by @ForeignIslandx. I was asked where I received it from so I decided on writing a quick blog just so that everyone can have the chance to support this mans Black Magic.

Also, by the way my freaking make up….squeals…so awesome!! It’s freaking s’awesome!! I love how Jackie gets me right every time. That highlighter had me glowing, and of course I was wearing her lashes ‘Khloe’. *sighs* I wish I could pack her away so she can beat my face everyday, lol. Definitely my go to for my photo ops and outings.

However, a few weeks ago I got a chance to do some work with my friend, Ron Bush, CEO founder of @ForeignIslandx clothing. Currently you can find his styles at Timebomb on Penn Avenue, Culture Kicks & Clothing in Wilkinsburg, Mo Gear down East Liberty, and Lundon inside Ross Park Mall; next to H&M.

A little bit about the brand itself, the brand itself started just a little over five months ago with June 6, 2017 being the first date of his released design. Which, I may add, is black man magic at its finest. Being that consistent enough with branding and marketing is key.  Not only was he able to just brand himself but the business; and to have so many brick and mortar avenues to reach his products shows he has major good business work ethics.

Hair: @smfhairstudio_

MUA: @_j.nicloe_

Shirt: @foreignislandx

Jeans: @tredythis_trendythat

Photography: Darius Owens, EVAA Photography

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