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Cultural Geist!!!

Busy is an understatement right now for this young man Camerin Camo Nesbit. He’s more than aware of these times, he’s literally the #CulturalGeist. Though his year is already planned out I was able to squeeze in a quick interview..cause I’m so dope *raise the roof* ahemmm, just to update myself while informing everyone else on what’s happening and what’s to come.

I headed to downtown on Liberty Avenue to an local art gallery called SPACE to link with Camerin. By the way, this was literally my first time in there too, man our city has so many talented people. As I walk thru the gallery I found Cam in the back rooms, and at first I didn’t even know it was him because I previously met him but he was sitting down, so to see this tall handsome man look over at me and smile I had to do a double, lol.

This man as had viewings at The Flower House, the Carnegie Museum, Boom Concepts, and the Braddock library; the list goes on and on. He was able to create his own lane with his own vision and because of that he is able to life as he climbs.

Also, SHOUT OUT BOOM CONCEPTS they have created a cultural space to present, share, and enforce growth within the cultural diversities of Pittsburgh!!

Click play and hear this great interview!!

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