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Rewriting Our Future…One Letter at a Time!!!

“I believe in miracles, and uhhh ooooohhhhhh a miracle…”

So I’m sitting in freaking Starbucks down East Liberty, “East End” for those millennials, and I’m eating my maple chicken *bombbbbbbbb* from Whole Foods staring out the window thinking…this is it commitment is key *sucks teeth* I freaking left my questions at home, but fudge it he’s dope I’ll just have to wing this interview. Thank goodness I did because it was thee greatest, most inspirational conversation ever.

I met Brian Burley a little over a decade ago but at that time he was a senior, future graduate from Schenley High School, now known as Obama International. WE ARE SPARTANS!! Who would’ve thought his future plans were going to be bigger than the city housing the dream of the the goal.

Jump forward now, not only is Brian a Schenley graduate and Pitt Alumni; receiving his MBA, now he is an accredited author of the book, YNGBLKPGH. Young Black Pittsburgh is a book comprised together of 100+ success stories of black entrepreneurs in the city of Pittsburgh, “Rewriting our future. One letter at a time.” If you haven’t purchased a copy you need to get yours ASAP!!

Brian has found a way to create, give, and show are youth that we are more than just reality television and negative stereotypes. He has the vision to know and see through the strength behind the truths we seek, and there’s a book to prove it. By the way this is such a dope picture of us and though my freaking belt is shifted *smacks forehead* my fit is sooooo freaking cute. *sighs* I love getting dressed for life.

Click below to hear this dope conversation!! Smooches!!


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