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Never. Broke. Again!!

“I’ve been counted out so many times I couldn’t count it, Funny how now my accountant is havin’trouble tryna count it, To the people who think that I owe you shit, Paybacks a bitch and you know that shit…” ~Drake

To never be broke again it’s not just a lifestyle it’s a movement. NeverBrokeAgain (N.B.A) goal behind the business is to become self sufficient…real live self made boss!! Raukeem Hawkins serves the mission well and with great purpose.

Hold up hold up, peep my shirt though…gang gang!! This one here is a FarESH Brand throwback. Make sure you check out my previous post with the interview of the brand owner and creative director Ryan Brown.

I met Raukeem back almost two decades ago but back then he was just a man with a paper route and a potentially bright future ahead. Well he took that potential and made it a reality for himself. Reaching his lowest of lows gave him the bounce back to get up and stand up on all ten toes! We got to sit down at Hello Bistro over on East Carson Street of the Southside to talk about what’s next for business and how he plans to sustain the empire he has.

Click the link below to hear this black mans magic plan to action!! Oh and forgive the hiccup in the conversation had to adjust the sound for my listeners! Smooches!!

Check out his website for all the exclusives!!

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Faaaaaaarrrrrr From Fresh…He’s Faresh!!

“If you broke, Go to, Work

Make that big booty, Twerk

Make that big booty, Twerk

Can I touch that Booty?

That booty, that big ol’ booty”

Had to take it back, back with this one. Man this man right here has been one of few who’ve inspired me and he didn’t even know it, that’s how grand he’s been. It’s been almost two decades of greatness for this man and it all started from a idea with his friends. An idea that has flourished into a sustainable business. Ryan Brown has established a way to provide a space to help not just himself but now more to flourish and to stand on their own ten toes.

As I walked into Panera bread on Centre Avenue, I hear my name being said from a smiling Ryan Brown, who greeted me with a warm hug. As I approached him he was already seated with his planner out on the table getting he’s day, weeks, and month together. I sat down feeling extra *ahemm* ummm feeling good so to say lol and proceeded to get my giggles out because I knew that this time around I would really be allowing myself to be vulnerable as I paid my respects to this mans work ethic and consistency overall.

In recent years Ryan has touched into the avenues of throwing parties together. With a recent one in effect to happen this Saturday it gives the city of Pittsburgh something to look forward to. He wants to make sure you have fun with this event so attendance is of the most necessity.

Oh and peep my throwback farESH branded clothing…Taylor gang…Taylor gang!!

Click the link below to head more about what’s been going on and what’s to come of this black man magic! Smooches!!

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JB’s Power Washing LLC!!

“People look at you strange, say you changed. Like you worked that hard to stay the same. ~ Jay-Z”

Where do I begin…hmm *dun dun dun dada dunn* in East side Pittsburgh born and raised on the playground is where he spent most of his days, chilling out maxing and relaxing all cool and shooting some b-ball with his boys from the hood, lol. Well then he grew up and now that little boy is now a man flourishing from within with all his Blak man magic.

Josh Byrd is a man of many hats such as being a firefighter volunteer to now he is a owner, in his first year, of JB’s Power Washing LLC, power cleaning homes within real-estate and expanding to commercial cleaning. What was once lost is now found, as he takes on and conquers this thing called life. I got a chance to link up with Josh at Primanti Brothers in Garfield, just to talk life and success and what he plans to do next.

Oh by the way, my make up is extra fleeky, beat to the gods by Chelsea, I had just left from an awesome shoot #TheUltimatePowershoot brought together by Nabila Yasamen El-Bey! Oh and peep my shirt, thats that Daily Bread for you, make sure to cop up from RefreshPGH for all your daily needs!!BJ be dropping that juice! Smooches!!

Click the link below to hear this black man’s magic!!

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Adding to Your Market!!

“I’m expressing with my full capabilities, cause some don’t agree with how i do this. -Dr. Dre 1988”

*rolls eyes* So I freaking have a low eyelid…not lazy but low and me not having my mascara shows it all to well..smh, but it’s cool cause my smile still dope though lol. My Forest Whittaker litty, cthu!!

Any who, my selfie game was in full effect this afternoon when I linked with Joy Elyse to speak on the nature of her business. So just so you can understand how dope it is to network, earlier this year me and my best friend we’re working on logos for our business; hers fitness and mines fashion consultant. So she told me of her family helping her so I reached out to her as well. Flash forward to now, my blog is formed using part of the logo that was created by no other than Joy!! Swear when I tell you, your net worth is only as big as your network, believe it!

Joy is a university graduate who has been put into the work field while in pursuit of still working with and towards her happiness. She’s always been very expressive with arts while young in high school and now she allows her work to show you just how awesome she really is!! In need of any logos or marketing for business don’t hesitate to reach out to her, she’ll get you right!! Smooches!!

Click below to hear a little more of this black girl magic!!

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Dynasti Entertainment LLC!!

“I’m trying to get it how I live…I want them dead presidents…I wanna pull up, head spent…get it, get fly, I got six jobs I don’t get tired…”

It was hat day for me as you can see but it didn’t stop my day from happening and linking with my lovely sister queen Tayla Herring.

Oh but before I begin, peep my ‘Queen’ knotted crop top, I got it from local business owner Lundon Tenille, owner of Lundon (Ross Park Mall) . An amazing local upscale boutique with some select urban streetwear apparel.

A little bit about this black girl magic,Tayla Herring is CEO of Dynasti Entertainment, a small management company that Tayla officially made an LLC within this recent year along side her partner. Together their company brands, markets, develops artist, bookings, and hosting.

With currently managing artists; such as, Kojo, Scrooge the God, and Mike Thom you would think she would have her hands full but then comes in Prestige Styling and Design. Prestige Styling and Design is exactly that styling and design, lol. Not to mention her two 9-5 pm both being in retail *bless her heart*, and her also hosting ‘Friday Night Lights’ radio air play. But I’ve run my mouth too much all ready, just know she got six jobs she don’t get tired!! Smooches!!

Click the link to hear this awesomeness!!

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MH Photography!!

“Pose for the camera now, flick flick, pose for the camera now, flick flick…”

Yo baby yo baby yooooooooooo, man when I say I’m never camera ready today wasn’t going to be the day for that foolery. Got a chance to link with Michael Harris, Mikey for short. Side note: don’t quote me cause i can call him that I don’t know ’bout the rest of y’all, lol. I had a chance to nitpick his brain about his business endeavors and his recent flourish of business through photography.

After a drawn out five years of employment at Pepsi, Mikey positioned himself to be the man in charge of himself, boss status, literally. He made a need for the people a purpose for him to fulfill, so far so good. Sometimes it takes the pressures of life to force the diamond from within to shine through.  Make sure to check out his website to look over his work and to contact him for work!!

Instagram @mikescapturedphotos

Facebook @mikescapturedphotos

And yes I did have a selfie stick with me for this photo op so hate another day…okay lol.

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Click below to hear this great conversation!!

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Dance First…Think Later!!

Breanna McGee, Public Figure

“Ni**a teach me, ni**a teach me, all this learning here is for you…”

On this brisk afternoon I made it to Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh to link with the beautiful Breanna McGee, public figure, at Starbucks to sip and talk about her progress and continued growth so far as an entrepreneur in the city of Pittsburgh. Not onle can this black queen dance her ass (watch your mouth) off, she is also an educator alongside Propel School, a model, leader, and the director of administration of PGEnt, LLC. Pirate Gang all day!! Check out @pirategang412 !!

Side note, if you haven’t noticed my fave color is green and technically I’m still partially a red head so ignore all that new growth, lol. *ahemm*

Now it’s been almost 5 years since meeting the talented Bree while working retail at H&M inside of Ross Park Mall and the growth of this young lady has surpassed from our initial connection. Starting off at Point Park University, Bree is currently a senior at Pitt University who choreographs and plan events to bridge together the gap of the art world of Pittsburgh.

Click the link below to listen to our great conversation and interview!

Contact Bree McGee

Facebook PGBree McGee

Instagram @_pgbree x @pgpromo

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The Earth Without “Art” is Just “Eh”!!! 

C. B. Perry, Artist

C. B. Perry Artist Interview 

“I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my s**t” -Erykah Badu 

On this rainy day my thoughts were, on crap I got work, dang I got school tonight, *reads text* oh I am suppose to link with Cue. My day is starting to look up, lol. As I walk into Lefty’s on Penn Avenue in the Strip District, I have the urge to have a drink just so I can relax before midterms..then I remembered this is why I opted not to drink any more now smh. I look around and spot Cue sitting in the back left corner, thumbing through his phone.  

I greet him with a smile and he looks up with sleepy eyes. The price of success, lack of sleep, but the process leads to great progress, just need to be  continuous with the work behind it. And by the looks of it he knows all about it, so rather him and I waste time I jump right into Q & A. 

Wait, hold up before I forget…peep my shirt, I’m wearing my boy Ron Bush clothing @foreignislandx. Make sure to check him out!! Now back to the questions…

Q & A

At which point in your life did you realize you would pour your heart into your art?

Ummm that’s a good one. Once i noticed that people liked it and that it could a career. And I’m like this is real shit I gotta put some work into this.

What’s the artistic community like in Pittsburgh? 

Slow. Real slow..growing but slow. 

What are your artistic inspirations behind your art? 
Ummm my personality my randomness and being spontaneous. Having fun being random. 

What are the different style collections you offer? 

Anything. I’m able to do anything. Time willing. Only time I’m not able to do something is if I don’t have the time but ain’t shit free I’m willing to do whatever if someone pays me.

What was your first thought after your first sell as an artist?

Oh shit this is working someone gave me money for something I made and I didn’t even have a price. I thought I was a joke. 

What are some upcoming events that is as consumers can attend to support? 

Everything is top secret lol I find out tomorrow if I can showcase at the county center. I have local body painting events coming up. I also, have an event coming up in February as well. 

Is the great cue man in love or still finding himself? 

I’m extremely single I’m not finding myself I already knew who I was I have that firm grip. But I mean of course I’ve mature I kinda hate when ppl say that cause what do you have to find. I’m single not dating or talking but I’m in a serious relationship with art. 

Okay okay I’ll let him go because art doesn’t sleep but this midterm is calling. Definitely an artist to look out for you never know what to expect, just know that you’ll be seeing more of the Cue man!! Following him on Instagram @cbperry_ to see more of his work and next event! Black man magic at its truest! Smooches!! 

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It Was All A Dream!! 

Rafiyq Cromwell, CEO, Dreamers Worldwide Sports Representation

Rafiyq Cromwell Interview

Black man magic never looked as good as suave Rafiyq Cromwell. Meeting me in the food court of Ross Park Mall, I sat down thumbing through my phone just to look up and see the most perfect smile ever, side note: everyone always greets me with a smile, it gotta be my awesome aura or something *shrugs shoulders*.

“I knew that was you soon as I seen your hair”, says Rafiyq.  Yup time for  a new look, lol.

We got a chance to talk retail and personal before getting into the interview and we both agree these everyday customers believe that they are always right, so technically even when they are wrong they are right, lol. As flashy, but on the calm,  his Maison Margiela shoes and Saturday’s NYC shirt was, his background speaks in even larger volumes.  This young man has thrived on receiving he’s bachelors of science degree from Slippery Rock University in sport management, then started his own clothing line called PK6EMP, that now has evolved into a sports marketing and management company that does contract negotiation, marketing and managing, financial advising, and education continuation. You just never know what to expect from this great man except for greatness.

We started with Q’s & A’s right after catching up because, Forever21 so great they granted me with an whole half hour break *raise the roof 2x* so I’m using it to my advantage and decided to share with you all.

“Yoooooooooo what’s up with you…”

When first going into business for yourself what avenues did you take to brand yourself? Ooohhhhh, so first things first I went on like an unorthodox way I went about it. Cause social media was up but I kinda used CCAC cafeteria, because everybody woul always be in there. Me and my boy made T-shirt’s, bought the brand, and we literally were standing on the table saying, “We got T-shirts for sell!” Then I pushed it on twitter and the first big thing I made was a commercial and put it on YouTube. So that’s how I started and got down.

What made you start with clothing? 
Honestly it was it was a quick way for marketing and I legally couldn’t do representation because I was playing ball at the time so I couldn’t. But clothing was a quick and cheap way to get money for my future business plans.

What exactly does Dreamers Worldwide Sports Representation do? 
Ummmm, so what we do, we make sure that our athletes essentially get set up thru the process of sports during and after sports. We have an education continuation program that we are working to secure thru Kent state so players can receive their degree while still playing sports as well.

You have evolved so much from where you started, has this always been your path? 
Ummm, I wouldn’t say this was always the path I’ve envision but that’s where we fall short as human, they say you wanna make God laugh tell him your path, lol. So I can’t say that this hasn’t been in mind but this is where I’m headed.

With you being 26yrs young, do you see your brand evolving anymore past the evolution it has already made?
Oh for sure you know especially with this draft class coming out I feel like these business moves are really taking things to the next level as a sports representation

Do you plan on touching back into fashion as a separated entity of business for yourself? 
I do want to because even though fashion wasn’t the original plan I got good at it and before since people knew I own the company they would want discounts. So I want to wait and become more solidified so that you don’t see my face attached to it but you know it’s my business.

As fine and successful as you are, are you a taken mister or a free man?
Hahahaaaaaa I’m definitely taken and I want to keep being an upstanding man that I told myself i would grow into. 

That’s the scoop, coming from mister boss man himself. If you want to reach him his contact info is && Twitter and Instagram @DreamersWrldwde.

As always follow me on instagram @oxosmoochesxox!

Outfit Deets:

Plaid  Trousers- Forever 21

White Tunic- Forever 21


Gold Wrap Headband- H&M

Gold Link Choker- Forever 21

Black Corset Belt- Fashion Nova

Gold Watch- Michael Kors

Ballet Flats- Tory Burch

Fenty Beauty


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