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Raven’s Resolution!!

“If not now, when? If not me, then who?…” ~N.E.R.D”

Shouts: Let me hear that spartan spirit!! What’s that you say!?! Oshh ayyyeee Schenley high!!! Osshhh ayyyeee Schenley High!?!!!

Raven Miller has transition from WNBA Schenley all star to providing solutions for those without with the start of her non profit business called Raven’s Resolution.

It was all a dream…Raven Miller knew for a long time knew she wanted to help people and not in the everyday way of how some assume you should go about things. The lane that Raven has created for herself is the first in the city, her compassion and understanding that she has for herself and others were put to the test as she embarked on the venture of helping the homeless.

This interview hit home and I was excited to really reach out to her because I know all the while how it is to be in a situation where your stuck and don’t know what to do next but you know something needs to happen. People walk by so many people in need and won’t help because of the assumptions of that persons life decisions, not knowing nor understanding that we all are striving to survive as adults yet alone just being humans m. We weren’t given a manuscript on survival but we must all thrive and the help that Raven allows for that much more stability.

Click the link below and listen to the work she’s surviving, striving, and thriving to do! Smooches!!

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Dream. Something. Bigger!!

“Goddamn, what a time, what a year…

We are what them young boys fear…

I kill, never been killed, that’s real, no lies…

You can tell that from our pulse right now…” ~Goldlink

I had the pleasure of finally getting a chance to link with Capo himself. One of the originators of DSB, Dream Something Bigger, a business that started 10 years ago with a group of friends from the east side of Pittsburgh. It was the respect, love, and support of one another and from the community that has helped root the establishment into the business it has flourished to today.

I first met Capo originally earlier this month at #TheUltimatePowershoot mixer that was brought together by Nabíla Yasamen El-Bey. And just to show networking at its finest, flash forward me and Capo are sitting down inside of Panera Bread in Bakery Square conversing about black business and what we can do to collectively gain the right economics to keep business sustainable.

Not only is Capo an artist but DSB, Dream Something Bigger, has branded clothing; they’ve also provide the services of videography, photography, graphic designs, and promo services. Recently, they have started down the lanes of producing events in regards to parties; you never really know what to expect with the way business has evolved for DSB.

Click the link below to find out more about this business man and the services his brand can provide. Smooches!!

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Never. Broke. Again!!

“I’ve been counted out so many times I couldn’t count it, Funny how now my accountant is havin’trouble tryna count it, To the people who think that I owe you shit, Paybacks a bitch and you know that shit…” ~Drake

To never be broke again it’s not just a lifestyle it’s a movement. NeverBrokeAgain (N.B.A) goal behind the business is to become self sufficient…real live self made boss!! Raukeem Hawkins serves the mission well and with great purpose.

Hold up hold up, peep my shirt though…gang gang!! This one here is a FarESH Brand throwback. Make sure you check out my previous post with the interview of the brand owner and creative director Ryan Brown.

I met Raukeem back almost two decades ago but back then he was just a man with a paper route and a potentially bright future ahead. Well he took that potential and made it a reality for himself. Reaching his lowest of lows gave him the bounce back to get up and stand up on all ten toes! We got to sit down at Hello Bistro over on East Carson Street of the Southside to talk about what’s next for business and how he plans to sustain the empire he has.

Click the link below to hear this black mans magic plan to action!! Oh and forgive the hiccup in the conversation had to adjust the sound for my listeners! Smooches!!

Check out his website for all the exclusives!!

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Faaaaaaarrrrrr From Fresh…He’s Faresh!!

“If you broke, Go to, Work

Make that big booty, Twerk

Make that big booty, Twerk

Can I touch that Booty?

That booty, that big ol’ booty”

Had to take it back, back with this one. Man this man right here has been one of few who’ve inspired me and he didn’t even know it, that’s how grand he’s been. It’s been almost two decades of greatness for this man and it all started from a idea with his friends. An idea that has flourished into a sustainable business. Ryan Brown has established a way to provide a space to help not just himself but now more to flourish and to stand on their own ten toes.

As I walked into Panera bread on Centre Avenue, I hear my name being said from a smiling Ryan Brown, who greeted me with a warm hug. As I approached him he was already seated with his planner out on the table getting he’s day, weeks, and month together. I sat down feeling extra *ahemm* ummm feeling good so to say lol and proceeded to get my giggles out because I knew that this time around I would really be allowing myself to be vulnerable as I paid my respects to this mans work ethic and consistency overall.

In recent years Ryan has touched into the avenues of throwing parties together. With a recent one in effect to happen this Saturday it gives the city of Pittsburgh something to look forward to. He wants to make sure you have fun with this event so attendance is of the most necessity.

Oh and peep my throwback farESH branded clothing…Taylor gang…Taylor gang!!

Click the link below to head more about what’s been going on and what’s to come of this black man magic! Smooches!!

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JB’s Power Washing LLC!!

“People look at you strange, say you changed. Like you worked that hard to stay the same. ~ Jay-Z”

Where do I begin…hmm *dun dun dun dada dunn* in East side Pittsburgh born and raised on the playground is where he spent most of his days, chilling out maxing and relaxing all cool and shooting some b-ball with his boys from the hood, lol. Well then he grew up and now that little boy is now a man flourishing from within with all his Blak man magic.

Josh Byrd is a man of many hats such as being a firefighter volunteer to now he is a owner, in his first year, of JB’s Power Washing LLC, power cleaning homes within real-estate and expanding to commercial cleaning. What was once lost is now found, as he takes on and conquers this thing called life. I got a chance to link up with Josh at Primanti Brothers in Garfield, just to talk life and success and what he plans to do next.

Oh by the way, my make up is extra fleeky, beat to the gods by Chelsea, I had just left from an awesome shoot #TheUltimatePowershoot brought together by Nabila Yasamen El-Bey! Oh and peep my shirt, thats that Daily Bread for you, make sure to cop up from RefreshPGH for all your daily needs!!BJ be dropping that juice! Smooches!!

Click the link below to hear this black man’s magic!!

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Adding to Your Market!!

“I’m expressing with my full capabilities, cause some don’t agree with how i do this. -Dr. Dre 1988”

*rolls eyes* So I freaking have a low eyelid…not lazy but low and me not having my mascara shows it all to well..smh, but it’s cool cause my smile still dope though lol. My Forest Whittaker litty, cthu!!

Any who, my selfie game was in full effect this afternoon when I linked with Joy Elyse to speak on the nature of her business. So just so you can understand how dope it is to network, earlier this year me and my best friend we’re working on logos for our business; hers fitness and mines fashion consultant. So she told me of her family helping her so I reached out to her as well. Flash forward to now, my blog is formed using part of the logo that was created by no other than Joy!! Swear when I tell you, your net worth is only as big as your network, believe it!

Joy is a university graduate who has been put into the work field while in pursuit of still working with and towards her happiness. She’s always been very expressive with arts while young in high school and now she allows her work to show you just how awesome she really is!! In need of any logos or marketing for business don’t hesitate to reach out to her, she’ll get you right!! Smooches!!

Click below to hear a little more of this black girl magic!!

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Dynasti Entertainment LLC!!

“I’m trying to get it how I live…I want them dead presidents…I wanna pull up, head spent…get it, get fly, I got six jobs I don’t get tired…”

It was hat day for me as you can see but it didn’t stop my day from happening and linking with my lovely sister queen Tayla Herring.

Oh but before I begin, peep my ‘Queen’ knotted crop top, I got it from local business owner Lundon Tenille, owner of Lundon (Ross Park Mall) . An amazing local upscale boutique with some select urban streetwear apparel.

A little bit about this black girl magic,Tayla Herring is CEO of Dynasti Entertainment, a small management company that Tayla officially made an LLC within this recent year along side her partner. Together their company brands, markets, develops artist, bookings, and hosting.

With currently managing artists; such as, Kojo, Scrooge the God, and Mike Thom you would think she would have her hands full but then comes in Prestige Styling and Design. Prestige Styling and Design is exactly that styling and design, lol. Not to mention her two 9-5 pm both being in retail *bless her heart*, and her also hosting ‘Friday Night Lights’ radio air play. But I’ve run my mouth too much all ready, just know she got six jobs she don’t get tired!! Smooches!!

Click the link to hear this awesomeness!!

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The Ultimate Photoshoot!!

“That body bangin’, accept that…You should model girl who do your booking?…Walk by, on fire baby can’t douse it…That body bangin’, accept that…I walk by again, I need a look quick, hol’ up…”

Man what a evening!! Got to link with some dope photographers, met me some videographers, even got to converse with the sweetest queen ever…freaking Nautii!! *sighs* she so freaking beautiful, effortlessly.

Last night the Ultimate Photoshoot bought together by Nabíla Yasamen El-Bey and hosted by the flawless Nautii. Photographers, models, and designers from Ohio, Pittsburgh, and D.C area were all in attendance to make The Ultimate Powershoot happen for us all.

I got a chance to get some body painting done by the talented Cue Perry. Make you check my previous post ‘Earth Without Art Is Just “Eh”!‘ I made about him and his progression in the art cultural in Pittsburgh. I was all nervous cause i had my yitties out but my freaking best friend was by my side…that’s my best friend, that’s my best friend!!

Got to see a local model some looks from Shanaya Steave clothing collection called ‘Entice One’. Beyond bomb…from urban street wear to a night on the town, Shanaya has a look for you!! I made sure to grab as many business cards as i could so that everyone can link below to possibly do more work with these dope business people!!

I must say this i gotta get use to people saying “I’m beautiful”, I’m super shy when it comes to looks so this networking definitely brought me out my shell and its thanks to Yace Yase Visions!! Dope night!! Let’s keep the networking going…Smooches!!

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&& Beaulity Is Her Name!!

“So thick that everyone else in the room is so uncomfortable, Ass on Houston Texas, but the face look just like Claire Huxtable…”

First off let me just say I was supppperrrrrr relaxed this day from running around with all this school work and assignments and getting ready for the holiday because I work retail *ughhhhhh* I was looking a mess! But Jaèlaun Moses showed up to the Starbucks down Market Square looking effortlessly beautiful.

The energy that Jaè came with gave me that much more energy while being there with her. She has so much to offer while helping with the self esteem of women and men. Becoming a Duquesne graduated didn’t come easy but it was as a journey completed. While in school she started with her apparel called “Beaulity” and then her business evolved into women’s empowerment luncheons, modeling became a hobby, along with adding the title of author under her belt, publishing her first book at the start of summer titled ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered‘. This book is of letters written to specific people that had some kind of impact in her life both negatively and positively, written almost as if to be having a conversation . She’s in the works of a second book that will have the same concept but with a more open forum allowing for others to do the same thing she was able to do with herself in book one.

“I like my girlsssss BBW…”

Jaèlaun is rewriting the standard and raising the bar. She’s not the standard, she is above average and it’s the strength and love that she gives herself that has helped her flourish into the women she is now and still striving and thriving to become. Let’s make sure we keep supporting this magic so that this queen can keep producing black girl magic!! Smooches!!

Make sure to get your copy of ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered‘ on Amazon!!

Click the link to hear this dope interview!!

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Fabolous Thanksgiving Weekend!!

“Told her to bust it bust it bust it bust it bust it bust it like a AK…told her bust it bust it flipmode..told her bust it bust it flipmode…shooter shooter lock it down, fade away….

What a weekend, what a weekend and to finish it off the f-a-b-o-l-o-u-s family was here to have a good night in Pittsburgh, down the Strip district at club Xtzana!! Fab was Freddy Krueger with the glove, Michael Jackson with the glove….ayyyyyeeee flipmode!! The party promoters of the city been showing off this week giving us so much New York love. First we had Dave East at Room16, Wednesday night, then it was Reggie Howze two year anniversary party down v-lounge Black Friday night, and then fabolous closed us out strong.

Mannnnn and let me say this the city showed out once again. From the sequined dresses, crush velvet looks, denim, faux furs, Fox fur, ostrich furs, shoot even raccoon fur the city didn’t come to play. Which, by the way is appreciate because as much as people complain “Pittsburgh night life is dead” but will go OT to fuck it up, those be the same people coming in from OT doing the same thing we complain about what no one will just do themselves, so I appreciate the effort. What I must say is local designers Reggie Howze and Paige Corrin helped add that extra bit of fleekage (yes it’s a new word accept it) lol, to the night. Their designs were seen on party host and promoters Eric Fisher, DjSoloDolo, and Rydah, shoot even Fab himself went home with looks from these designers.


Fab definitely performed a couple throwbacks…some mixtape hits and he rapped two of his most recent release from F.O.E.S just to give the crowd a xtra shake. There were local acts as well but I freaking can’t remember the first performer but I do know my boy Paul (@lua_proc) performed his national hit “Personal Freak” and I was beyond excited for that moment. Definitely a great night!! If you missed out on any of the Thanksgiving festivities ummmmm there’s always next year! *shrugs shoulders* Smooches!!!

Friday On Elm Steet (F.O.E.S) available NOW!!

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