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Never. Broke. Again!!

“I’ve been counted out so many times I couldn’t count it, Funny how now my accountant is havin’trouble tryna count it, To the people who think that I owe you shit, Paybacks a bitch and you know that shit…” ~Drake

To never be broke again it’s not just a lifestyle it’s a movement. NeverBrokeAgain (N.B.A) goal behind the business is to become self sufficient…real live self made boss!! Raukeem Hawkins serves the mission well and with great purpose.

Hold up hold up, peep my shirt though…gang gang!! This one here is a FarESH Brand throwback. Make sure you check out my previous post with the interview of the brand owner and creative director Ryan Brown.

I met Raukeem back almost two decades ago but back then he was just a man with a paper route and a potentially bright future ahead. Well he took that potential and made it a reality for himself. Reaching his lowest of lows gave him the bounce back to get up and stand up on all ten toes! We got to sit down at Hello Bistro over on East Carson Street of the Southside to talk about what’s next for business and how he plans to sustain the empire he has.

Click the link below to hear this black mans magic plan to action!! Oh and forgive the hiccup in the conversation had to adjust the sound for my listeners! Smooches!!

Check out his website for all the exclusives!!

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Faaaaaaarrrrrr From Fresh…He’s Faresh!!

“If you broke, Go to, Work

Make that big booty, Twerk

Make that big booty, Twerk

Can I touch that Booty?

That booty, that big ol’ booty”

Had to take it back, back with this one. Man this man right here has been one of few who’ve inspired me and he didn’t even know it, that’s how grand he’s been. It’s been almost two decades of greatness for this man and it all started from a idea with his friends. An idea that has flourished into a sustainable business. Ryan Brown has established a way to provide a space to help not just himself but now more to flourish and to stand on their own ten toes.

As I walked into Panera bread on Centre Avenue, I hear my name being said from a smiling Ryan Brown, who greeted me with a warm hug. As I approached him he was already seated with his planner out on the table getting he’s day, weeks, and month together. I sat down feeling extra *ahemm* ummm feeling good so to say lol and proceeded to get my giggles out because I knew that this time around I would really be allowing myself to be vulnerable as I paid my respects to this mans work ethic and consistency overall.

In recent years Ryan has touched into the avenues of throwing parties together. With a recent one in effect to happen this Saturday it gives the city of Pittsburgh something to look forward to. He wants to make sure you have fun with this event so attendance is of the most necessity.

Oh and peep my throwback farESH branded clothing…Taylor gang…Taylor gang!!

Click the link below to head more about what’s been going on and what’s to come of this black man magic! Smooches!!

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&& Beaulity Is Her Name!!

“So thick that everyone else in the room is so uncomfortable, Ass on Houston Texas, but the face look just like Claire Huxtable…”

First off let me just say I was supppperrrrrr relaxed this day from running around with all this school work and assignments and getting ready for the holiday because I work retail *ughhhhhh* I was looking a mess! But Jaèlaun Moses showed up to the Starbucks down Market Square looking effortlessly beautiful.

The energy that Jaè came with gave me that much more energy while being there with her. She has so much to offer while helping with the self esteem of women and men. Becoming a Duquesne graduated didn’t come easy but it was as a journey completed. While in school she started with her apparel called “Beaulity” and then her business evolved into women’s empowerment luncheons, modeling became a hobby, along with adding the title of author under her belt, publishing her first book at the start of summer titled ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered‘. This book is of letters written to specific people that had some kind of impact in her life both negatively and positively, written almost as if to be having a conversation . She’s in the works of a second book that will have the same concept but with a more open forum allowing for others to do the same thing she was able to do with herself in book one.

“I like my girlsssss BBW…”

Jaèlaun is rewriting the standard and raising the bar. She’s not the standard, she is above average and it’s the strength and love that she gives herself that has helped her flourish into the women she is now and still striving and thriving to become. Let’s make sure we keep supporting this magic so that this queen can keep producing black girl magic!! Smooches!!

Make sure to get your copy of ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered‘ on Amazon!!

Click the link to hear this dope interview!!

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Dance First…Think Later!!

Breanna McGee, Public Figure

“Ni**a teach me, ni**a teach me, all this learning here is for you…”

On this brisk afternoon I made it to Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh to link with the beautiful Breanna McGee, public figure, at Starbucks to sip and talk about her progress and continued growth so far as an entrepreneur in the city of Pittsburgh. Not onle can this black queen dance her ass (watch your mouth) off, she is also an educator alongside Propel School, a model, leader, and the director of administration of PGEnt, LLC. Pirate Gang all day!! Check out @pirategang412 !!

Side note, if you haven’t noticed my fave color is green and technically I’m still partially a red head so ignore all that new growth, lol. *ahemm*

Now it’s been almost 5 years since meeting the talented Bree while working retail at H&M inside of Ross Park Mall and the growth of this young lady has surpassed from our initial connection. Starting off at Point Park University, Bree is currently a senior at Pitt University who choreographs and plan events to bridge together the gap of the art world of Pittsburgh.

Click the link below to listen to our great conversation and interview!

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Facebook PGBree McGee

Instagram @_pgbree x @pgpromo

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Cultural Geist!!!

Busy is an understatement right now for this young man Camerin Camo Nesbit. He’s more than aware of these times, he’s literally the #CulturalGeist. Though his year is already planned out I was able to squeeze in a quick interview..cause I’m so dope *raise the roof* ahemmm, just to update myself while informing everyone else on what’s happening and what’s to come.

I headed to downtown on Liberty Avenue to an local art gallery called SPACE to link with Camerin. By the way, this was literally my first time in there too, man our city has so many talented people. As I walk thru the gallery I found Cam in the back rooms, and at first I didn’t even know it was him because I previously met him but he was sitting down, so to see this tall handsome man look over at me and smile I had to do a double, lol.

This man as had viewings at The Flower House, the Carnegie Museum, Boom Concepts, and the Braddock library; the list goes on and on. He was able to create his own lane with his own vision and because of that he is able to life as he climbs.

Also, SHOUT OUT BOOM CONCEPTS they have created a cultural space to present, share, and enforce growth within the cultural diversities of Pittsburgh!!

Click play and hear this great interview!!

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Foreign Islandx Clothing!! 

EVAA Photography

” If I hit it one time, I’ma pipe her…If I hit it two times, then I like her…If I f**k three times, I’ma wife her…It ain’t safe for the black or the white girls…It ain’t safe, it ain’t safe
It ain’t safe, it ain’t safe….”

So in my previous interview post made with artist Cue Perry, I was wearing a light blue t-shirt with a double image of the Pittsburgh city view by @ForeignIslandx. I was asked where I received it from so I decided on writing a quick blog just so that everyone can have the chance to support this mans Black Magic.

Also, by the way my freaking make up….squeals…so awesome!! It’s freaking s’awesome!! I love how Jackie gets me right every time. That highlighter had me glowing, and of course I was wearing her lashes ‘Khloe’. *sighs* I wish I could pack her away so she can beat my face everyday, lol. Definitely my go to for my photo ops and outings.

However, a few weeks ago I got a chance to do some work with my friend, Ron Bush, CEO founder of @ForeignIslandx clothing. Currently you can find his styles at Timebomb on Penn Avenue, Culture Kicks & Clothing in Wilkinsburg, Mo Gear down East Liberty, and Lundon inside Ross Park Mall; next to H&M.

A little bit about the brand itself, the brand itself started just a little over five months ago with June 6, 2017 being the first date of his released design. Which, I may add, is black man magic at its finest. Being that consistent enough with branding and marketing is key.  Not only was he able to just brand himself but the business; and to have so many brick and mortar avenues to reach his products shows he has major good business work ethics.

Hair: @smfhairstudio_

MUA: @_j.nicloe_

Shirt: @foreignislandx

Jeans: @tredythis_trendythat

Photography: Darius Owens, EVAA Photography

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It Was All A Dream!! 

Rafiyq Cromwell, CEO, Dreamers Worldwide Sports Representation

Rafiyq Cromwell Interview

Black man magic never looked as good as suave Rafiyq Cromwell. Meeting me in the food court of Ross Park Mall, I sat down thumbing through my phone just to look up and see the most perfect smile ever, side note: everyone always greets me with a smile, it gotta be my awesome aura or something *shrugs shoulders*.

“I knew that was you soon as I seen your hair”, says Rafiyq.  Yup time for  a new look, lol.

We got a chance to talk retail and personal before getting into the interview and we both agree these everyday customers believe that they are always right, so technically even when they are wrong they are right, lol. As flashy, but on the calm,  his Maison Margiela shoes and Saturday’s NYC shirt was, his background speaks in even larger volumes.  This young man has thrived on receiving he’s bachelors of science degree from Slippery Rock University in sport management, then started his own clothing line called PK6EMP, that now has evolved into a sports marketing and management company that does contract negotiation, marketing and managing, financial advising, and education continuation. You just never know what to expect from this great man except for greatness.

We started with Q’s & A’s right after catching up because, Forever21 so great they granted me with an whole half hour break *raise the roof 2x* so I’m using it to my advantage and decided to share with you all.

“Yoooooooooo what’s up with you…”

When first going into business for yourself what avenues did you take to brand yourself? Ooohhhhh, so first things first I went on like an unorthodox way I went about it. Cause social media was up but I kinda used CCAC cafeteria, because everybody woul always be in there. Me and my boy made T-shirt’s, bought the brand, and we literally were standing on the table saying, “We got T-shirts for sell!” Then I pushed it on twitter and the first big thing I made was a commercial and put it on YouTube. So that’s how I started and got down.

What made you start with clothing? 
Honestly it was it was a quick way for marketing and I legally couldn’t do representation because I was playing ball at the time so I couldn’t. But clothing was a quick and cheap way to get money for my future business plans.

What exactly does Dreamers Worldwide Sports Representation do? 
Ummmm, so what we do, we make sure that our athletes essentially get set up thru the process of sports during and after sports. We have an education continuation program that we are working to secure thru Kent state so players can receive their degree while still playing sports as well.

You have evolved so much from where you started, has this always been your path? 
Ummm, I wouldn’t say this was always the path I’ve envision but that’s where we fall short as human, they say you wanna make God laugh tell him your path, lol. So I can’t say that this hasn’t been in mind but this is where I’m headed.

With you being 26yrs young, do you see your brand evolving anymore past the evolution it has already made?
Oh for sure you know especially with this draft class coming out I feel like these business moves are really taking things to the next level as a sports representation

Do you plan on touching back into fashion as a separated entity of business for yourself? 
I do want to because even though fashion wasn’t the original plan I got good at it and before since people knew I own the company they would want discounts. So I want to wait and become more solidified so that you don’t see my face attached to it but you know it’s my business.

As fine and successful as you are, are you a taken mister or a free man?
Hahahaaaaaa I’m definitely taken and I want to keep being an upstanding man that I told myself i would grow into. 

That’s the scoop, coming from mister boss man himself. If you want to reach him his contact info is && Twitter and Instagram @DreamersWrldwde.

As always follow me on instagram @oxosmoochesxox!

Outfit Deets:

Plaid  Trousers- Forever 21

White Tunic- Forever 21


Gold Wrap Headband- H&M

Gold Link Choker- Forever 21

Black Corset Belt- Fashion Nova

Gold Watch- Michael Kors

Ballet Flats- Tory Burch

Fenty Beauty


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Heart On A Sleeve!! 

(Interview with Owner H.O.S Reggie Howze)

Uber everywhere pre-rolls in my VIP…skrrt skrrt….as I watch Reggie Howze, CEO H.O.S., hop out of his uber, I wait on him to enter the Market District cafe, located in shadyside. Of course he’s branded in his brand, all black windbreaker with letter “H” and cracked hearts all over, walking towards me with his Colgate smile. Greeted with a hug he goes on to tell me about his morning because why wouldn’t I want to hear how awesome his life is, uhhhh he’s actually living it *shrugs shoulders*. Plus I was looking extra relaxed today because I was headed to class so any conversation that isn’t school related is fine by me.

Exhausted from all his hard work he’s been putting in, he still made time for me. Awesomeness!! We jumped right into Q & A because of course I’m a college student who always runs late, *psst* but my grade speaks for itself though, lol.


What made you want to take the initiative to start your own business brand? 
I didn’t have a job. was looking but no one would hire me and I don’t even have a record or smoke. I was on my way to sleep and woke up in the middle of the night drew the design down during the weekend and made my first prototype of the shirt and it just took off form there.

What does the brand HOS represent?

It’s you being passionate about whatever you like to do. The heart represents the love the crack represents the struggle. It’s not easy but that’s how I came up with the meaning and design, didn’t want to just be heart broken but at that time I was vulnerable not being able to find a job, it can be heartbreaking but I wanted it to relate to all levels.

Why the name HOS? 
Heart on a sleeve…it speaks for itself everyone says Ona sleeve but its Heart On a Sleeve.

How do you plan to expand on business?
You can see that I take my design and I’ll add different flavors and stuff characters and sport teams and reach different demographics but when you can tap into different things it puts it out there a little more than the average stuff…that’s how I’ve been able to be consistent and be able to sale stuff on a consistent basis like kids parties or someone comes in town, our sport team always generate all year round. Penguins always do good they won back to back championships.

How can your apparel be purchased?

I have a website, pop up shops, Instagram, PayPal, cash app, or you can bring cash for something I already have. All items are hand crafted so I don’t start unless I get paid first.

What’s next for HOS?
Storefront..I just want to do more production. I would like to do a tour of local designers together. If I have a store I’ll really do well cause people buy off impulse and with a store I can meet the demand. More people want to buy black too and support so I’m working to create a convenience.

Now just for fun…with your heart on your sleeve what does your love life look like? Single? I’m single, don’t nobody like me…lol you know why cause I’m out everyday and when the weekend rolls around the girls all wanna be in ya snap take pictures stuff like that so when that happens it makes others assume cause the girls in ya snap become your shorty or something. But I’m single but I work too much for anybody.

O.J. like, “I’m not black, I’m O.J.”


(most recent design)

There you have it royals, in his own words. Dope man..dope designer…to see all the latest updates check him out on Instagram @oreginalpix and follow him on Facebook @Regge Howze. Smooches.

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Outfit Deets:
High-waisted Flare Jeans- H&M

Black Knotted Short Sleeve- H.O.S

Wool Cardigan- Talbot


Gold choker- Forever21

Bejeweled Belt- Nordstrom

Maroon Booties- Steve Madden

Fenty Beauty
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Fashionable Travels 2017!!

Blog Post 1

#MadeInAfrica2017FashionShow #NewYorkFashionWeek2017

Hello!! Hello!! Hello!! So excited to finally get a chance to blog my first post. It took me a while just to find the right platform and actually continuous reason behind my blogging endeavors. This year has been grand with so many travels that I never really get to share my experiences with anyone, I mean I can write it down in my journal but why not just share with the world. With my graduation months away for me to receive my bachelors degree, I decided to spend the remainder of school on fashionable travels.  I made it to Richmond, VA, Fort Lauderdale /Miami, FL, Washington DC, Philadelphia, PA…..the list goes on and on and hasn’t reached its peak just yet.

The travel that was my favorite and most recent so far is…dun dun dunnnnn…..New York Fall Fashion Week 2017. I witnessed my first underground fashion show called Made in Africa. With designers Madiare K, MRO PALACE, Kennsha Nycole, and Melissa Lockwood Runway Shows, just to name a few. All designs were beautifully colored, draped, hemmed, and embedded within their culture and, *psst* get this all items were ready-to-wear. *squeals*

Defiantly a needed vacation and escape from everyday life, school, work, and motherhood. A chance to show everyone a my street vibes that would work for any wearer, especially for a plain Jane like myself. Also, I got to indulge in some spectacular shrimp scampi marinated in lemon sauce, mhmm mhmm mhmmm good, from Bubba Gump Shrimp, the meal and experience is more so enjoyable if you know the movie Forrest Gump, by the way. Made it to Dallas Barbecue, finger licking good, however the beef ribs were more so fatty than meaty but I’m a chicken eater anyhow, *shrugs shoulders*.

Got to do minimal shopping. Made it to Steve Madden, which by the way, sells Surpega branded shoes, totally off guard with that business move. I was able to buy myself some velvet maroon booties, which is a must right now for this fall season. Though I was a day late to the start of New York Fashion week i made it in time for the Fenty Beauty release, and let me tell y’all the “trophy Wife” highlight and the gloss is everything and then some. Trust me when I say, I’m no beauty expert but the smoothness of Rihanna’s lip gloss and the subtle yet sexy reflective effect from the highlight makes you feel like the next beauty ambassador, lol.  Any who, there is still more places for me to visit before the year is done, hmmmm I’m thinking LA.

Oh and the background artwork that was beautifully displayed behind me is by the  talented Javon Conaway. Follow him on Instagram @artbyjcon.

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Outfit Deets:

Green Flannel – Forever 21

Velvet Wrap Shirt – American Apparel

Distressed Jeans – Levis (design by TASTE clothing)

Red Patent Boot – Forever 21

Gold Choker Necklace – Forever 21

Gold Watch – Micheal Kors

Gold Link Belt – H&M

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